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    The Declaration of Independence is signed making a textbook perfect statement of the natural law right of self-determination developed over the prior two centuries in the British Empire.


    Sovereign independent states form a federal republic with state powers to veto federal acts with the right to secede from the union.

    1789 -1860

    The States' use of the veto and the constitutional right to secede checks the growth of the central government.


    The federal republic has been replaced by an all powerful consolidated unitary state or simply a nation state.


    Defrocked Christian Socialist, Francis Bellamy introduces the Pledge of Allegiance to indoctrinate school children away from state sovereignty in favor of a single nation state.


    The United States Government adopts 4 USC 4 "The Pledge of Allegiance."


    The most oppressive totalitarian regime in the world (USSR) disintegrates as a result of the secession of its fifteen member states. Mikail Gorbachev supports the natural law right of self determination and chooses NOT to take oppressive military action to maintain the union.


    The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes the provinces' natural law right of self determination and their right of secession.


    National economic problems are used as an excuse to pass stimulus legislation that dramatically increases social entitlement spending and increases the national debt.


    With total disregard for The Constitution of the United States of America, the President and the Congress enact unconstitutional mandatory Health Care Legislation that further adds to social entitlements and national debt.


    President Obama's National Committee on Fiscal responsibility and reform recommends spending cut measures to balance the budget of the United States Federal Government. Locked in partisan politics, no action is taken.


    The perfect Storm of politicians with no integrity, big money manipulators, and a co-opted media throw the US economy into turmoil with runaway unemployment and "hidden" inflation as The Federal Reserve prints more and more money.


    Pressure from the recipients of increased entitlement spending prevent Congress from fiscally responsible spending reductions. The Joint Select Committee created by The Budget Control Act of 2011 fails to reach agreement on deficit reduction.


    The Federal Government is fully out of control and grossly irresponsible. Congressional approval ratings are historically low.


    The States need to re-assert their sovereignty recognized in the Constitution of the United States to nullify irresponsible federal rule using their power of the veto and the ultimate right of secession, as reserved to the States by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution in order to check the growth of the Federal Government and return power to the people as represented by their individual States.


    The people, using their states' independent power need to promote the re-writing of the "Pledge of Allegiance" to finally be in alignment with the principles on which this Country was founded in The Constitution of The United States of America.

    The Founders' Answer

    Free, Sovereign and Independent States